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Ljubljana School of Business, Slovenia

Ljubljana School of Business (hereinafter LSB) is an independent higher education institution in Slovenia (not belonging to any university) and provides professional study programmes accredited by The Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. Even though LSB does not belong to any University, we are equivalent to public HEIs or universities since the process of accreditation is the same for all, and we must fully respect the legislation in the field of higher education. More about LSB: LSB has been established in 2010. It is owned by the company B2 which has been on the market since 1989. LSB provides three bachelor’s programmes: Business Informatics, Management, and Marketing Communication Camp; PR, and two master’s programmes: Management and Informatics and Marketing Management. Its vision by 2028 is to become an internationally recognized higher education institution in the field of business science. LSB’s recent EU and national projects include activities on: - Boosting EU economy through training of Foreign Direct Investment Advisors; - Establishing a corporate image and marketing nature-friendly tourist services; - Building a Coaching Culture.

Union University Belgrade - Belgrade Banking Academy, Serbia

Belgrade Banking Academy – Faculty of Banking, Insurance and Finance has been one of the best ranked faculties in Serbia in the field of social sciences and humanities for several years now. The organization and manner of teaching at the Faculty, as well as the results that students achieve during their studies and in their further professional and academic careers fully justify the name “School of Excellence”. The Faculty is recognized as a leading higher education and scientific institution in the field of economics, business, finance, insurance and application of digital technologies in mentioned fields, which continuously harmonizes its study programs with the requirements of modern theory and best business practice. The mission of the university is to offer the students unique educational experience, develop their leadership and entrepreneurship skills; give them the motivation and opportunity to become competitive work-force on both, local and international markets, by creating entrepreneurship ecosystem and integrating business with high technologies; demonstrate their potential on global markets by exchanging scientific papers, ideas and innovations.