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Doc. dr. Karmen Marguč

Karmen Marguč PhD is a visiting professor at the Faculty of Business, Slovenia. She has accomplished a master’s degree in Philosophy – Ethics at the Central European University in Budapest and obtained her Ph.D. in ‘The social discount rate determination considering sustainability’ at the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences, Celje. She is finishing her second PhD at the Faculty of Arts, the University of Maribor, researching the ethical basis for international telemedical practice. Karmen Marguč Ph.D. is the founder of several companies and has major experiences in the field of strategic B2B sales, and B2C marketing within the start-up industry (food supplement) and SME (biotechnology, pharmacy). Within the framework of up-to-date experiences in digital management, marketing and sales strategies, she transfers knowledge between good business practices and the academic profession.